Dog gone

I feel horrible. Animal Control just came to pick up the 2 dogs. I checked on their website this afternoon, and they actually recommend that they be called in situations like this so that owners can find their dogs easier. They also stressed that they do everything to NOT euthanize the dogs; that their main goal is to find the owners. I sure hope so, because I sure feel pretty badly about giving them up. I really hope that they can track down their owner. Even though I did not become attached to either of the dogs during their stay here (thankfully), I still feel like I could have done more and also like I could cry. Watching the Animal Control lady put the leashes around their necks and walk them away just broke my heart. Maybe it is my being pregnant that is making me take this hard, but I just feel so sad that I gave them over to Animal Control. But yet I still think we did the right thing by taking care of them through the snowstorm as I do not think they would have survived on their own with all the snow.

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    ohhhhh…did you talk to animal control about the rescue thing?

  2. cindypoo says:

    do u remember lady and the tramp? “dead dog walking” or somethen, i might have messed that up with walking the green mile. Anyway, the owners probably would check animal control first hoping they got picked up. watch “animal precent” or “houston animal cops” or just “animal cops” on animal planet. if its like that they do try their best and adoption would b a first option before putting them asleep think of that too.

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