Bzzzzzy Bee

Adrianna loves to be tickled. She is especially ticklish on her neck. We have a couple games that we play to make it more fun.

The first game is Itsy Bitsy Spider, where I will sing the first line of the song while my hand acts as a spider and crawls up her tummy up to her neck, tickling all the way. She now anticipates the tickle to come when she hears me singing that song and will squeal or giggle before I even get to the tickling.Adrianna and Amber

The second game is with bees. Adrianna has always liked bees. I will ask her, “What does the bee say?” As she answers, “Zzsss,” my hand (bee) flies in for the tickle, going straight for her neck.

Adrianna initiates this game now by going over to one of her books that has a couple pictures of bees in it and bringing it to me. She will point at a bee and say, “Zzsss.” That’s my cue! Bzzzz! She giggles and squirms, but always comes back for more.

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