A Visit with the Great Pumpkin (Patch)

We went to a Pumpkin Patch today. I wasn’t able to go with my MOPS group yesterday due to the cold weather. (We all went to the mall instead.) But today was a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the sixties so Greg, Adrianna, and I went as a family. It was a fun time.

First, we went over to visit the farmyard animals. The pigs would oink and Adrianna made her oinking noise (aka hawking a loogie sound) back. The cows would moo and Adrianna would “Mvoo” back.

We then headed over to the haybale maze. Adrianna could barely see over the tops of the maze. She probably would have wandered around that maze for hours if she were on her own.

Adrianna in the maze

Adrianna and Amber in the maze

After awhile, Adrianna deciding that she wanted to play with the hay that was found on the ground. She is very good at “sharing” her discoveries of various rocks, leaves, bark, and now hay with her Daddy and I.

Adrianna giving Daddy some hay

And here we are in the middle of an Adrianna meltdown. We tried so hard (in vain) to take some great pictures at this great little setup, but Adrianna would have none of it. I was so disappointed. I guess that is what happens with a strong-willed toddler who missed their regular naptime today. If you check out our photo galleries, I will be posting some more photos there that capture Adrianna in full meltdown mode.

Adrianna and Amber

Adrianna decided she wanted to push the stroller back to the car. Whenever Greg would try to help steer, she would push his hand away. So independent!

My handsome cowboy.


In spite of the meltdown at the end of the trip, it was still a fun afternoon. I am so glad we went.

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    I didnt see her meltdown picture. looks like she liked it much better today than playing in the snow 🙂 that place looks like fun. Greg fits right with that picture hehe

  2. janis says:

    oh wow I see her meltdown in your photo gallery though hehe. at least it was toward end of day.

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