Fever and an Evening at The Wal-Mart

This evening I made a quick trip to the Wal-Mart near our house in order to purchase a thermometer. (Adrianna is burning up with fever, which has me quite worried and which is why I am still up at 8 minutes after midnight.)

As I was perusing through the fruit section, trying to figure out what type of small fruit tray to buy for our MOPS breakfast tomorrow, I noticed an older gentleman beside me. He was opening up a blueberry tray, picking out blueberries, and rolling them between his fingers. Then, he would put them back into the tray and start over again with another. He must have done this at least 10-15 times while I was standing there, trying my hardest not to just stare at him or make a scoffing sound. And he was there before I had even arrived. I think he went through each and every tray, feeling up the blueberries. I would think that after the first few that you would deduce that all of them were pretty much the same, but apparently this was no Sherlock Holmes. I am not against touching and sniffing fruit, but this was just over the top. I am glad I wasn’t in the market for blueberries tonight.

Then, as I was going through the checkout line, the cashier asked me if I wanted my milk in a bag. As I conjured up the mental image of my already overflowing grocery bag container in my kitchen, I said, “No, Thank you.” But apparently in Wal-Mart cashier land, this means, “Yes, and make it a double-bagger for each gallon (2) that I am purchasing,” because that is what I got.

Just another evening at the Wal-Mart.

Now if only Adrianna’s fever would go away, or at least go down, so I can go to sleep and rest easy. Other than the fever and some extra bouts of cuddliness, she seems fine. She is awake right now too. I can hear her chattering away in her crib. “Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh.” Maybe I should go see what she is “Uh-ohing” about.

And…back. Turns out she had thrown her trusty bear out of the crib. I returned him to her, and all is well.

Adrianna and Mr Bear

Adrianna and Mr Bear

Adrianna and Mr Bear

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3 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    That’s a cute image of Adrianna uh-ohing in her bed. Ethan hasnt been in his bed for more than about 10 minutes since we got back from vacation in August. He will only sleep with us. It’s driving me a little crazy but he’s sick and coughing all night so I cant say no to him right now. 🙂

    I also thought your Walmart story was pretty funny.

  2. Julie says:

    You know, the mop of reddish blond hair and the little baby nose and even the blonde nubbly bear all look just like Katie’s. We even have a picture of her curled up with her bear in her leapord print top (with the same kick-and-play piano!) very very similar to that one. It’s a little spooky! Did we manage to split some twins?

    I hear you on the excessive bagging. I just dropped 6 bags bursting with bags off at the recycling bin and we’re already piling up more.

    And I think I’ll be rinsing all my blueberries extra for awhile thinking of someone handlign each and every berry like that!

  3. Karen says:

    What a cutie pie! She did throw that bear aside once though, when she got ahold of one of MY teddy bears hehe…

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