My Girly-Girl

Adrianna LOVES shoes. Especially her shoes or mine. She already is turning into a little girly-girl. I wonder if she will be the type of woman who has to have lots of pairs of shoes.

Adrianna's new sandals

For right now though, her favorite thing to do with shoes is carry them around the house, not wear them. Her particular favorites are a new pair of sandals that were given to her by Shad and Lynette. We can hardly pry them from her fingers, she loves them so much. She also enjoys playing with my sandals. She finds Greg’s shoes interesting, but I think they are much too big to really hold her interest for very long.

Here is a recent pic of our little family, taken with Greg’s new Mac. You’ll notice that she is still holding her sandals.
Greg, Amber, and Adrianna

Adrianna also loves, loves, LOVES her teddy bears. Especially the one from Daddy. But all the bears receive a lot of love, slobber, and baby hugs. Adrianna will often be seen toddling around, grasping a big bear in each hand.

She also likes her new little baby dolls and plays with them and feeds them their bottles. Today however, she was using them to stand on in an attempt to boost herself a little higher as she tried to peer over the baby gate. Hmm. I kept trying to tell her to not stand on the babies, but she thought I was just being funny and kept laughing at me. She’s probably not quite ready to be a big sister. (Disclaimer: WE are also not planning for her to be a big sister at this time.)

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2 Responses

  1. Rhonda says:

    Your family is ADORABLE!

  2. cindypoo says:

    dang it so i guess she cant babysit the twins when they get here for awile, she will just stand on them! hehe:D

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