Work Potluck

Yesterday, my coworkers threw a potluck at work. Debbie and I also decided to make it a quick playdate with her granddaughter, Chloe, and Adrianna. Chloe is only a month and a half older than Adrianna. It was so much fun watching the two girls get to know each other by patting each other. They were both very vocal and it seemed that if one made a noise, it would encourage the other to make noise too.
Chloe and Adrianna

I just wish I would have brought my real camera, since my phone doesn’t take the best pictures. Especially when the objects of said picture move around a lot. Trying to get two babies to look in the same direction at the same time is quite a task.

Adrianna was quite a ham. She kept waving at Heather, who sits in the cubicle across from mine, and she also showed Heather how big the baby is by raising her hand above her head when I asked her, “How big is baby?”

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