Unexpected visitors

Some of our neighbor girls stopped by our house yesterday evening with two small, furry moplike dogs (you know the kind – they often have the name of “Muffin”) that they found wandering the greenbelt next to our house. Anyways, the girls wondered if we knew who the owners were. We didn’t, and neither did any of the other neighbors we asked either. The only tags on their collars are vet tags, but of course the vet is closed on the weekends so no help there. We decided to board them at our house, especially since we knew that Denver was expecting a big snowstorm (which, btw, has dumped over a foot of snow so far). Greg put a sign up in our yard saying we had found the dogs with our phone #, but no one has called yet. These poor dogs are stressed out; I feel bad for them and also for their owner who has got to be frantic with worry. I know I would want someone to take my dogs in if they were found wandering. Not only because of inclement weather but also due to the risk of being hit by a car. I still regret this one small terrier that I saw wandering near our house last year that I didn’t take in. The next day the poor thing was dead on the side of the road, hit by a car. Since then, this is the third time we have taken in small dogs that wandered by our house. Except the other two times we thankfully found the owners right away (or they found us) so we didn’t have overnight guests to deal with.

We have the two dogs in a kennel in our kitchen. They are relegated to the kennel because they peed on my carpet, which I was not too happy about. But at least they are indoors, warm, and have food and water. I just hope the vet can help us find their owner tomorrow, since I am due to pop with this baby anytime now.

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4 Responses

  1. cindypoo says:

    amber, do you remember the episode of friends when rachel was complaining that she wanted emma (her baby) out? Well, Ross mentioned he read in a book that if u….do u remember that one?

  2. Shad The Future Colorado Springs Resident says:

    ewww.. nothing like having that you do THAT by a SISTER! =)
    so what happened to the dogs? do tell do tell!

  3. Amber says:

    Yeah Cindy. I remember that and have heard that from other sources as well. It doesn’t work…hehe. 😉

  4. janis says:

    i didn’t see the episode so now i am really curious about what your guys are talking about?

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