Of Bears and Bras

I don’t know why Adrianna finds my bras so much fun to play with. Whenever she happens across one, she will immediately pick it up and start walking around with it. This last time she started playing with them, she even tried to put them on. I think she needs an anatomy lesson though, as she tried to put them on her head like a hat. Hmmm…


Her Mommy has nightmares about bears when she sleeps (REAL bears though), but Miss Banana doesn’t seem to have inherited that fear. She loves her bears. Here she is, snoozing with Pooh and Mr. Bear.
Adrianna and her bears

My baby is 14 months old today. How can this be?

We spent some time at Walmart, picking up groceries since our cupboards were bare after our vacation. Adrianna’s new thing is saying “Hi” or “Hey” or a word that sounds like a combo of the two. She started saying it to Greg on our way home from Kansas yesterday whenever he would open up her van door. Today, she started saying it to people at Walmart. I think that she is proud of the new word acquired and then further encouraged when folks smile and say “Hi” back to her. She was all grins and giggles this afternoon.

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    What cute pictures. Ethan also says “hey” and “hey ya”. I think he likes the little control he gets over being able to say something somebody recognizes.

  2. Peaches says:

    That is CLASSIC!!! You must carry your camera around with you everywhere – because you catch the BEST photos!! =))

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