Egg Escapade

Greg made three hard-boiled eggs today. We figured we could add a little extra protein to our diet. While we were waiting for them to cool, we had them in a small bowl that was sitting on a tv tray next to our sofa. Greg had placed them there since I was sitting there watching tv and we figured we would eat them soon. After awhile, however, Adrianna needed to be fed so I took her upstairs to our bedroom to nurse her and take a quick nap. Normally I wouldn’t leave any type of food in a place that the dogs could possibly get to, but I didn’t think they would touch the eggs since they were still in their shell and everything.

How wrong I was.

A little while into my nap, Greg came into the bedroom and asked where I had put the eggs. I replied that I had left them where he had put them on the tv tray. He went back downstairs to double-check but, sure enough, they were gone.

Immediately we knew that one or both of the dogs had ran off with them. Molly, being my shadow, was sleeping in the bed with me. That left Chloe as the culprit. Greg searched the house and found her in the computer room with one of the eggs. The egg was completely intact. But the other two eggs were nowhere to be found.

Greg searched high and low. Well, mainly low since Chloe is long of body and short of leg. No eggs or even eggshells were to be found. Worried that Chloe had eaten the other two eggs, shell and all, he put her into her kennel in case she got sick. We didn’t want another puke mess to clean up. We were also worried about how eating eggshells would affect her digestive system or the expelling of the eggs later.

A few hours passed. Molly needed to be let outside to do her thing, so I took that opportunity to let Chloe out of her confinement. She immediately hightailed her little weiner body into the fireplace room. By the time I reached our kitchen to let the dogs outside, she had already retrieved an egg from a hiding place somewhere in there and dropped it on the hard, kitchen floor. I don’t know if she was dropping it at my feet to be a good dog or if she dropped it because seeing me startled her. Either way, Greg and I were very relieved to see another egg intact.

The third egg is still at large. We watched Chloe carefully to see if she would lead us to any other of her hiding spots, but to no avail. She did sniff around the couch cushions a lot and she has been known to hide bones among them on occasion, but we couldn’t find anything even after pulling off all the pillows and cushions.

I just hope it isn’t hidden really good to the point that we won’t find it for weeks. Long after it has produced a rotten-egg stench.

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3 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Hilarious. I daresay you will indeed find the lost egg in a couple weeks.

  2. Karen says:

    Chloe is just playing Easter bunny…although somebody should tell her that Easter is about half a year away and she is not a bunny!

  1. 11/17/2005

    […] My mom and I were talking about Chloe’s Egg Adventure from yestereday and it brought back to our minds a funny story from my childhood. […]

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