Weekend spent in Kansas

We decided to spend the past weekend in Kansas with Greg’s family. We hadn’t been out there since May and we heard that Kristi would also be visiting, so we figured it was a great time to make the trek out there. I am so glad we did.
Amber, Greg, Adrianna, and Molly

We arrived Friday evening. We hadn’t even gotten out of our car before the garage door had opened and Grammy and Grampy and Aunt Kristi came out to greet us. Or, should I say, to greet Adrianna. Greg and I were just a nice afterthought. We don’t mind. It brings us great joy and pride to see our families fuss over Adrianna. Nothing could make us happier.

On Saturday we also spent some time with Adrianna’s Great Grandparents on the Reimer side. Great-Grandpa Reimer loves holding Adrianna and carried her all afternoon. Great-Grandma Reimer loves spoiling her grandchildren and now her great-grandchild. She was really itching to feed Adrianna some vanilla and chocolate parfait but kindly refrained when we told her that we are being strict with Adrianna’s food intake for now. I am sure she cannot wait for that restriction to lift so she can do the whole grandma thing in regards to sweets.
Adrianna and her great-grandparents

Speaking of parfaits, Dave (Grandpy) was holding Adrianna while he ate his parfait. Adrianna watched his spoon go from the parfait to his mouth. As the spoon was heading back to the parfait glass, she followed it with her head ducking and her mouth wide open! It was so funny to watch. Yeah, she is definitely ready for “solid” baby foods.

Saturday evening Aunt Kristi and Grammy gave Adrianna a bath. I enjoyed being able to sit back and watch. Adrianna made sure to make splashes large enough to get everyone wet. She loves baths.

On Sunday, we got to see the new addition to the church that Dave pastors. It is amazing and so beautiful. I really like the people that attend the church. They are all so friendly. Every time we visit I feel right at home and loved by the parishioners. Greg and I were glad to see Darrell and Gail Voth and their two kids while we were there. (Darrell and Gail used to live in the Denver area.) Lily, like all toddlers, liked to look at the baby.
Lily and Adrianna
I was proud of Adrianna. She was such a joy and smiled at everyone who greeted us.

For Sunday lunch, we decided to let Adrianna try a bite of our mashed potatoes. We figured that, even though it wasn’t official baby food from a jar it was still, after all, mashed. It didn’t turn out so well. The look on her face was one of dislike. Then, it turned to gagging. Which of course freaked me out. I guess this proved that she isn’t ready for “real” solids yet. Or at least solids that contain yummy garlic and onion flavorings. hehe.

We had to come back to Denver on Monday. Though the trip was long, it went well. Adrianna was such a doll. She only cried when she was hungry. I was worried that she would sleep most of the trip and then not be able to go to sleep tonight, but thankfully that was not the case. While she did take longer naps then she normally does, she also was awake for much of the trip and happily played with her toys or talked to me and the dogs. (Chloe and Molly sat on one side of her carseat and I sat on the other when I wasn’t taking my turn driving.)
Adrianna drives the car

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