Brian is in New Orleans

So I guess my brother did end up having to go to New Orleans with the National Guard. His job there right now is hauling diesel fuel to the big water pumps.

Brian called my parents tonight and was telling them about all the dead and dying dogs he sees and that police are just shooting many of them now because there are so many dying. Brian saw one dog die as it was stuck way out in some sludge and mud. This just breaks my heart. These dogs are pets. I cannot imagine how awful it would have to be to leave your beloved pet behind, not knowing what their fate would be. Leaving them to starve or fend for themselves. I just couldn’t do it. I completely understand why some citizens refused to leave when rescuers wouldn’t allow their dogs to come with. I don’t know what I would do in that situation. I hope I never have to make that decision.

Brian also said that it is much worse then what you see in the news. Back when the water was still high, when rescuers found bodies they would tie them to trees or whatever so that they could go back and get them later as they couldn’t get them at the time. Sad, but they had to focus on getting the living out first. He also says it smells pretty bad there, like raw sewage.

I am proud of my brother that he is down there making a difference.

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