Out with the old

Greg started ripping out the old deck/porch in our backyard. We (meaning Greg) plan on replacing it with a small cement pad and nice wooden stairs.

Here is Greg hard at work.

As you can see, all that is left is the remainder of the frame so far. This makes it a little more inconvenient to let out Chloe and Molly for the time being. We have to actually go outside too so that we can reach in, grab the dogs, and set them down on the ground. We then wait for them to do their business and then pick them back up and place them back inside. Both times we have let the dogs out since the deck has been like this, Molly has attempted to jump onto the remainder of the platform. I guess from her height perspective she cannot see that the platform is no longer there. So, she jumps up and then immediately falls right back down to the ground on the other side. hehe. The second time she did this, I think she remembered what happened the first time, but I am not sure at what point she remembered. I am thinking it was mid-air, but she did a good job making her landing back on the ground look like it was a little more intentional.

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