The best greeting of all

This morning, I had to drive home in the middle of my workday to bring the carseat back to our childcare provider, since we had forgotten to uninstall it from our Corolla. So, as Greg installed the carseat into Janette’s minivan, I popped on over to visit Adrianna.

As soon as Adrianna spotted me, her whole face lit up. She crawled right over to me as fast as she could and wanted to be picked up. I happily obliged and held and cuddled her while I chatted with Janette. Adrianna is such a little cuddler. She likes to bury her head against my shoulder when I hold her. I love it.

When it came time for me to head back to work, I set her back down on the floor with her toys. She immediately crawled back to me and pulled herself up on my leg. She wasn’t upset or crying; she just wanted to be with me. Oh, it tore at my heart anyways. Sweet little girl. I couldn’t wait to get done with work so I could get back home to her.

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  1. Myndi Shafer says:

    ALOHA! It was so good to hear from you -we loved seeing pictures of your family. Little Baby A is SO beautiful – just like you, Amber! You must be so tickled by her. I had forgotton, but the last time we saw each other I was TOTALLY ready to pop! Unfortunately, Liam chose to be right on time, so I think I continued to grow and grow for another month…HA! I loved reading your entries…I can totally hear your voice in my head when I’m reading it. Oh, and we LOVE The Office, too. Everything stops on Thursday night for that half hour.

    We hope all is going well for you – are you still in Colorado? Feel free to drop a line anytime! Our email is or We check both regularly. Or you can always leave notes on the xanga site. Tell Greg hello from both of us!

    Well, have a good rest of the week. We’re sure hoping to!

    Hugs, Myndi

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