Comcast Cable Movie Descriptions

Greg and I subscribe to Comcast here in the Denver area for cable tv and high-speed internet. We are satisfied with our experience so far. In fact, we have gotten some good laughs over the past couple months in regard to some of their movie descriptions when browsing through the cable guide.

For instance, back in May they had a showing of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on tv in order to get ready for the release of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. When clicking the “Info” button to find out more details about the movie, the description given for the movie was something like this: “Great special effects make up for bad acting and stilted dialogue…” I am paraphrasing the description on this one. I regret that I didn’t write it down word for word. Though this is the general populations’ overall opinion on this movie, I still thought it was funny that someone put it into words as the information regarding the movie. Aren’t those descriptions supposed to entice you to watch the movie?

I have seen many opinionated descriptions since then. Tonight, I saw one for a movie called Nadine in Date Land. I did not watch this movie, but I did notice that it had an entertaining description. Here it is word for word:

“Comic Janeane Garofalo is wasted in this sadly unamusing romantic comedy, playing a matchmaker with a nonexistent love life – until an old crush (played with too little emotion by Brad Rowe) reenters her life.”

Yeah, you got me convinced to watch this movie. hehe. *sarcasm*

I can just see some pasty little guy in a small cubicle whose sole task at work each day is to type up the movie descriptions for Comcast’s cable guide. Slipping in a humorous one every now and then for amusement and to make his data entry job a little more colorful. Kind of like a programmer’s easter egg, but less cleverly disguised.

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