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UPDATE 5/13/05: Sweet – I found a plugin today that I was able to download that enables me to make these protected posts hidden for the average user but still visible for me. Furthermore, this plugin will allow me to make certain posts visible to certain users (you have to be registered though) based upon their level of authority I assign them. Pretty cool. Anyways, so now they won’t tempt or taunt you with information that you can only partially see (hope that helps Mom!) 🙂

This blog has been a great way for me to keep an online journal of sorts of all the events in our lives. It has also been an easy way for our family and friends to keep tabs on us. 😉

I have long desired to start keeping track of my more private thoughts as well. Especially now that I am a new mom – I have so many new thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head that I would like to keep a record of, but don’t necessarily want the whole world to see. So I have decided that I am going to further utilize this blog’s capabilities by creating protected or private posts containing these more private details. You will see them listed as Protected and they will ask for a password before the actual posting itself can be viewed. Sorry, but I will not be handing that password out. (No matter how many times you may ask for it! 🙂 )

Don’t worry though; I will still keep updating my blog frequently with posts that you can all view!

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    yeah i think you just like to show off all your blogs cool capabilities LoL

  2. Amber says:

    Yeah, that too! hehe. J/K

    Actually, I think yours would allow you to do the same thing if you wanted. At least I think I saw a blog that did, but maybe it was another WordPress blog that I am thinking of…

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