American Idol

I am a big fan of American Idol. As a singer myself, I really enjoy watching the competition and the performances; both the good ones and the horrific ones. And sometimes I even agree with Simon’s opinions. Sometimes.

I have been pretty right on when it comes to picking who is going to win. Greg and I had picked Kelly Clarkson out to win on Season 1 from early on. She blew us away with her rendition of Respect, and from then on there was no one else we wanted to win.

After Season 1, Greg lost interest, but I carried on with my fascination with the show. For Season 2 I really wanted Clay Aiken to win. He has an awesome voice. He didn’t win per se, but he might as well have, as successful as he has been. I don’t hear much about Ruben Studdard these days, although Ruben does have one song out that I like: a rendition of Shout to the Lord.

Season 3 I have to admit I really didn’t get into. Partly because we had church on Tuesday evenings then so I missed most of the performances. I didn’t have any favorites. No one stood out. The winner, Fantasia, I was not crazy about at all.

Season 4 had me back on track. We had Childbirth education classes on Tuesdays during the beginning of the season, but my dad was kind enough to Tivo them for me so I didn’t miss a note. Carrie Underwood won as the American Idol. Hooray for Carrie! She had been my pick since the beginning. Can I pick ’em or what? I didn’t watch the actual finale where they announced the winner though. I always miss Wednesday nights because that is of course the night when Lost and Alias is on.

Well, three out of four ain’t bad. Can’t wait for the next season.

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  1. janis says:

    you missed a great show! although we have it recorded so you can still watch it if you want to. it was the best show ever!

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