The Cow Says Bvoo

Adrianna has been really good about repeating words back to me when I say them to her. She can also recognize many words and act on that word recognition, such as when we ask her,”Where’s your bear?” She talks all the time, baby gibberish, and I have been wondering how much of it is actual words that we just haven’t been observant enough to recognize. I received my answer on Saturday.

We were outside, near a large wheat field, when a bird flew by. Adrianna pointed to the bird and said, “Buh!” If I hadn’t also seen the bird, I may not have realized that she was referring to a bird and just attributed it to more of her babytalking that she so often does.

Also on Saturday, I handed her one of her toy cows. Usually when we play with this cow, she will make a cow noise back to me after I make the “moo” sound first. This time though, she made her cow sound, “Bvoo” without any prompting. I was SO excited.

She also now makes a low, throat-clearing noise for her duck (Quack) and pig (Oink) toys. So either Adrianna has made a break-through in associating and making sounds with words that she already knew (without needing some prompting first), or Mommy has started paying more attention to the subtle noises that are beginning to be real words.

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2 Responses

  1. cindypoo says:

    maybe instead of trying to say moo, she wasnt really at all but was trying to scare the cow by saying BOO…hehe jk:)

  2. jamie says:

    Wow that’s amazing. E talks all the time too but I really dont understand anything he says. So either I need to get my ears cleaned out or he’s a little slower in that area of development. Maybe also because I dont expect to hear any words from him bc everyone has told us that he will talk late bc of learning the 2 languages at the same time.
    RYC: Just wanted to let you know your comment meant alot to me bc Ive been having this real dilemma over this guy and the whole HS reunion thing. Thanks for understanding. I feel like I cant talk about it to anybody bc they’re gonna think I want to reunite with my ex but how do you want to get together with someone you dont even know which of couse is this case since I havent seen or heard from him since we were 16 or so. I told hold a torch for him, Im just really curious and would LOVE to be able to sit down and talk to him and dissect it all but doubt that will ever happen.

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