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This morning I went in for my non-stress test as scheduled. The test showed some abnormal results, but my doctor told me not to worry as the baby herself appears to be totally healthy. But as a precaution he did order an ultrasound and also wanted me to take a stress test (where they actually give me a shot of something that will start contractions) to see how the baby would do during labor. When I got to the hospital for my stress test, they ended up not having to give me anything to start contractions, as the monitor there indicated I was having them on my own! It’s weird though, because I didn’t know I was having them. I felt an odd sensation and have felt it before off and on during the past week or so, but I have just been attributing it to the baby moving. So after testing me for awhile on the monitors, they had me walk around the hospital for an hour to see if that would get rid of the contractions. When they put me back on the monitor, I was still having them. Not to worry though – the nurse said I could continue having them for a long time and that doesn’t mean that the baby is going to come right away. I still can hardly feel them and wouldn’t have known they were actual contractions even now without this monitoring that I have been undergoing. So five hours later we finally got to leave the hospital.

Good news though – the ultrasound was pretty clear that the baby truly is a girl. 🙂

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  1. cindy says:

    so “Cindy Jr.” can be the name for sure now hehe

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