Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver is an interesting place, filled with even more interesting people. You have a lot of executives in fancy suits right along with a big population of homeless people. You have your punk kids in gangs and your tourists/casual shoppers. I love to watch people, and this is definitely the most interesting place to do it.

I had a class in the World Trade Center on Tuesday, so I spent a bit of time right off of the 16th Street Mall. I just had to blog about a couple of the things that I observed while I was there.

My coworker Heather and I were walking to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. We passed a homeless lady on the sidewalk who was busy yelling at passersby to make sure to “Boil the Water!” On our return trip back to class, she noticed I was pregnant. We were stopped at a traffic signal, so she began to talk to me. First, she asked if I was having twins. When I replied that “No, I am not having twins” she asked, “triplets then?” Okay, so that was a great build-up for my self-esteem at this point. She then mentioned that she had 4 daughters, so if I need a babysitter that I will “know where to come.” LOL.

While waiting for Greg to pick me up after class was over, I saw a fistfight erupt in the middle of the street in front of me. Two young men just came from out of nowhere and started punching each other right in the middle of traffic during a red light. Cars were trying to get out of the way, but there was really nowhere to go since the light was red and it is a busy intersection. Just when I began to wonder if I should head back inside the World Trade Center in case guns were pulled out, the light turned green. People finally got impatient with the fighters and started honking their horns, at which point the two men just stopped fighting and each turned and went their own way. I was distracted for a moment and looked up and they were just completely gone and traffic was moving as if nothing had happened. Just another day in downtown Denver.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    aww to see a good fistfight i always enjoy them myself to watch. Oh and hey,that answers everything, hire the lady as a nanny leave your kid downtown with her to learn how to say “boil the water” and u can still work!!

  2. janis says:

    hey amber did you see abby get under that fat ladys chair? whoa nelly !

  3. Karen says:

    Denver can be kinda odd…we always met all sorts of…different…people on choir tour as we walked down the 16th street mall! Oh, I updated my Blog…finally! Love you!

  4. Overwhelmed! says:

    Wow, crazy stuff going on in Denver! Great post for your 100th post! 🙂

    Thanks for participating in my “Hooray for 100th” exchange!

    Please spread the word for me, will you? 🙂 Thanks!

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