Omaha visit

Well, we are back from Omaha. We always have so much fun and get homesick while we are there. I think Omaha will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially since we still have so many friends living there.

Our time with Shad and Lynette was great. Chloe and Molly had a good time with Belle and Maggie. It was great having four dachshunds running all over the place. We are trying to talk Shad and Lynette into moving to Colorado…

We got to see Bryon while we were there too. Congrats to him and Maria as they are expecting their first child in January – how exciting!

We unfortunately did not have enough time in Omaha to visit long, which was a bummer. I regret that I was unable to visit everyone. Maybe next time we will have more vacation time built up so we can fit more Omaha time in.

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