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For our Childbirth Prep class yesterday evening we had to watch 2 birthing videos – one with a lady who did “Natural Childbirth” and one with a lady who chose an epidural. After watching both (and they showed everything btw), I have begun to wonder what I have gotten myself into. Greg says I cannot blame him for this predicament I am in though, since it was ME who went to and tried their “Tips for getting pregnant” which worked the very first month. 🙂

On a scary note, we started this class just last week with 6 other couples. 2 of those couples were not present last night due to them having already gone into labor or given birth. Both of those couples weren’t due until March – March 8th and March 22nd to be exact. So they were quite a bit early! Just a little nerve-wracking…

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. janis says:

    no shad, dont think thats accurate..i was about 3 weeks late with amber so i think she will take after me!:) so dont worry amber! in fact i was late with ALL 4 kids. lol about what you got yourself into amber, just remember that once the baby is out, everything is all immediately forgotten and all you see is this beautiful little baby! when i had you i also had the added enjoyment of being right where i could see and hear people as they looked at the babies in the nursery and with great pride i heard over and over as they looked at you “oh look at that baby with all that beautiful hair! and look how she is already looking around at the lights and everything! what an alert baby!” of course i knew it was you they were talking about because the other babies were all bald! and you had as much hair as a 2 year old! i really believed at that time that i was the only women in the whole world to do such a wonderful thing as have a baby! hehehe (i know you have heard this story before amber but i just couldnt help repeating it here) 🙂 for those who dont believe she had that much hair ask amber to show you pictures of her as a newborn!!

  3. janis says:

    i do have another thought on this subject though, and that is maybe they (sex education classes in public schools where they seem to promote teenage sex as an ok thing)they need to show teenagers the graphic videos of giving birth and maybe it will get some teenage girls to wise up about having sex!

  4. Anonymous says:

    mama your still bragging about her birth 26 years later? hehe.

  5. janis says:

    yes i guess thats what mamas do! hehehe 🙂

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