More Lab Work *sigh*

The results of my lab work from last week came back and it turns out that my glucose/sugar level was too high. This means that I had to go back to the lab yesterday for more testing. This time though, I had to be there for a little over 3 hours rather than just 1 hour. I also had to fast overnight. They had to draw my blood four separate times. Once when I first got there, and then once every hour for 3 hours after drinking twice as much of that glucose liquid (which really made the baby active). One of the ladies was having problems drawing my blood, so I ended up getting poked 5 times instead of just 4. Two of those times were especially painful as she had to move the needle around trying to get my vein to cooperate. I should get the results either today or Monday – I hope they are better, as I would really hate it if I had that gestational diabetes! I just ordered a bunch of ice cream sweets from the Schwan’s man and I definitely want to be able to partake of them. 🙂

The results of my lab work from last week also showed that my levels of iron barely squeezed by as “normal”, which explains why I am tired so much. So I am also now taking iron supplements by order of my doctor – I hope this helps!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    amba…u gots to eat healthy for lil cindy. if you want her to be healthy like me:) i hope everything turns out ok…get some spinach in you! hehe

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