The Incredibles

We went with Kristi and Jimmy to see The Incredibles last night – what a great movie! I would definitely recommend it to others. It is totally clean, creative, and funny. One of the first things that Greg said after it was over was that we would definitely need to buy this one when it comes out on DVD. I can see why it is doing so well in the box office.

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2 Responses

  1. cindy poo says:

    karen was trying to get me to go, i never have heard sept on the radio about the ratings. hmmm. welp see you next week!

  2. janis says:

    dad and i just watched a good movie tonight called “the magnificent obsession” made in the 1950’s. i remember a preacher (i think it was at camp grace) talking about one part of the movie and using it in his sermon. it was concerning plugging into the power source. you should watch this movie if you ever can get it. i also liked it because it had both pollyanna’s aunt polly and mrs. snow in it!! hehe

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