Poor Petey

We had quite a scare with our cat, Petey (aka Dr Peter Jones for whom our website is named). We didn’t see him Thursday night, but it isn’t too unusual for him to stay out all night. But when we still hadn’t seen him on Friday, we began to worry, as he is quite a chowhound and always comes back for food. This morning, we finally found him under our porch. After quite a bit of coaxing, he came out, but he was in pain. He won’t move his tail at all, and his hind end hurts him when touched. He also has some sores that look like road rash, so we think he was hit by a car and has been hiding out. We were also scared that he had his back hurt.

We got back from the vet’s this afternoon, and thankfully, according to the X-rays, Petey’s internal organs looked okay and no bones are fractured. However, it does look like some cartilage was torn in his hind pelvis region. But the vet thinks he will be able to heal on his own (without surgery). So the poor kitty has some painkillers and is back home to recuperate. Poor Petey. I am just so thankful that he is okay; we were really worried about him!

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