4 Weiner Dogs

We have had a fun week so far. We currently have 4 dachshunds at our house; our two (Molly and Chloe) and we are also watching Shad and Lynette’s 2 dachshies (Belle and Maggie) as well while they celebrate their anniversary at a condo up in Dillon. The dogs are getting along fabulously and behaving pretty well. They enjoy playing and last night we let ALL FOUR of them sleep in bed with us. You would think that maybe Maggie and Belle would not have a preference of whom they sleep next to (since they do not belong to us) like ours do, but oh no. ALL FOUR dogs had to share MY side of the bed. So basically I woke up with two in the crook of my arm, one next to my hip, and one between my legs. I was basically confined to a very small portion of the bed, but I was toasty warm!

We hung out with Shad and Lynette at our place on Saturday. They talked us into purchasing a digital video camera which we had been planning on doing since August but just have procrastinated on. So we were able to take a lot of video of the dogs playing. On Sunday, Greg and I drove up to Dillon to hang out with Shad and Lynette at their condo. Their condo is great and the mountains are beautiful (of course). We drove into Breckenridge to eat at the Columbine cafe, which is a great little cafe we found on our last trek together to Breckenridge. We then headed back to the condo where we entertained ourselves with some Crazy Uno and MarioKart Doubledash (as always).

The only bummer about having such a great weekend is that it makes the time go by way too fast, and then it was time to go back to work on Monday. 🙁 I am so unmotivated about work anymore.

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6 Responses

  1. Cindy Poo says:

    soon u will be wishing you could go to work and not be a mommy hehe. Speaking of, u got the camera to video tape
    the dogs? poor future baby. lol. well later gator

  2. Karen says:

    sieb dackels? Sehr gut! (I am taking a German class 🙂 ) Did you know that in German the word for dachsund is “Dackel?” Well, it is. I used it for my test…i had to write a paragraph about my favorite things. I wrote about my favorite “Hundin” Missy, my sweet little “Dackel”. I hope i do well on the test!

  3. janis says:

    amba, tico loves to play with chloes’ mouse that you left here!

  4. janis says:

    tico loves playing with the mouse chloe left here.:) didnt think this went throught the first time so yeah

  5. janis says:

    amber, thats great that you got a video camera! now you can have greg record the birth of your baby?? if you do decide to do that, just remember your dad’s experience and have a chair in the delivery room, just in case!! 🙂

  6. BRAD says:

    Dont let dogs sleep with you. Its a very bad habit and once you let them sleep with you once, forget it. Stop it now, or it will get worse. I have been there and done that. Wish I had never started it

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