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Well, the SIMS2 was everything I was hoping for and more. This new version rocks! The graphics are great, the updates are great. I cannot wait to get home tonight so I can play it some more. Plus, they all dance really cool – I wish I could dance as good as they do. How sad is that?

One cool thing about it is that if your SIM gets pregnant, they are pregnant for 3 SIM days – one for each trimester. The first day (trimester) she gets morning sickness and she is ALWAYS tired and ALWAYS hungry for all three trimesters. Her belly also gets bigger for each day (trimester). I thought this addition to the game was cool (and so accurate) – a woman probably had a hand in designing that portion. hehe.

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  1. Vero says:

    Another Sims 2 fan! 😀

    There were definitely a few women in that team, the social interactions are so much better than in the original!

    Good luck with your real baby and your sim babies 😉

    A stranger who came across your blog,

    Vero @

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