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Free Digital Scrapbook Mini-Kit

I signed up to be a part of Funky Playground Design‘s Designer Apprentice Program last week. As a part of this “Teacher’s Pet” contest, we all had to design a mini-kit with a theme and with items we consider to be “trendy”. Well, my favorite trend right now is the doodled look to paper and elements, so that is what I tried to go with here.

I am pretty excited about this program. It is a mentoring program and a contest all wrapped up into one. Everyone who doesn’t make it past the first round of the design contest can still participate and receive feedback, tips, and tutorials, which is just what I need! I am up against some very talented designers, many whose names I recognized as popular designers already, so I don’t know how far I will make it. I am glad to be along for the ride though.

This kit is in honor of my daughter’s graduation to a “big-girl bed” last weekend and also being almost potty trained. Thus the bed and potty chair being a part of the kit as well as the kit name. 🙂

Click on the preview to be brought to my no-wait download page.
No Reimer Reason - Big Kid Now - Click to be taken to download page

This mini-kit contains:

  • 4 patterned papers
  • 2 solid papers
  • 1 folded and stapled ribbon
  • 1 folded gingham ribbon
  • 2 buttons
  • 2 brads
  • 2 pieces of ric rac ribbon
  • 1 Word Art – “I’m a Big Kid Now”
  • 2 pairs of “underwear” embellishments – 1 for a girl, 1 for a boy
  • 1 bed embellishment
  • 1 potty chair embellishment

I hope you like it. I know it is pretty specialized in theme, but the papers and some of the embellishments are generic, so I think overall it could be a versatile kit.

Happy Downloading!

New Deck

I have been meaning to post pictures of our new deck. We are thrilled to have it and are so thankful that it is in the shade most of the day, thanks to a large tree’s shadow in the morning and our house’s shadow in the evening. We’ve been spending more time outside these days as a result.

So here it is, along with our new grill (because you have to have a grill with a deck!)

Our new deck

Our new deck

Our new deck


Greg and I have been doing a lot of talking about how great it would be to live in a community that was less car-focused. A community that was sustainable and where the important things, like groceries and schools, were all within walking distance. And not just within walking distance like along a busy car-filled road, but where there were intentional paths for the purpose of foot and bike travel to these areas.

We do have a Safeway within walking distance, but the two options for walking there aren’t very pleasant and I don’t feel comfortable doing the walk alone.

The first option is to follow the streets. It isn’t too bad within our little neighborhood, but the way to get there would involve walking along the major road near here and that gives me the shivers. Too many cars driving too fast. And there are some interesting characters that traverse it. [On a side note: It would be interesting to find out the story behind one entertaining man who I see quite often standing along the side of the road, actively playing air guitar.]

Our second option starts out okay with a nice path meandering behind our neighborhood and through a park. Then it cuts across an apartment parking lot and finally works its way through a large barren field (no trees, scorched earth) and the path is too rutted to be able to navigate a stroller, which is a must have with young children. We did make the walk a couple weeks ago with the intent of trying it out and also trying out the Baskin Robbins, but as luck would have it, the first time we attempted this long walk the ice cream store was closed for remodeling. Argh.

Along with a less car-focused society, I would love to live in a community where life was shared. Where everybody knows everybody; perhaps sharing a common area. I fondly remember my childhood days where we knew all of our neighbors and how safe we felt. We could count on the neighbors across the street to watch our pets while we left on vacation. We would return the favor when they were out of town. As for a common “shared” area, there were several vacant lots behind our house that became the gathering place for the entire neighborhood’s children.  We happily made biking trails and jumps in the fields, someone put up a large swing set, and my dad planted trees. It was our common area. Yeah, I know somebody “owned” the land, but as far as we were concerned, it wasn’t anyone we really knew.

I also miss the small town I grew up in. Not that town in particular, but the small town Midwestern USA feel in general. Running into people I knew at the grocery store, being able to greet everyone by name at church, and being known myself by others. I do bump into people I know here in the big city occasionally (even people from that very same small town!) and it is always so exciting for me. I just wish it happened more. I watch Gilmore Girls, and drool over their little town.

When thinking further on sharing, I am reminded of how many possessions we personally have that are just lying around the house, only used or needed once in great while. The lawnmower, weed-eater, steam vac, various woodworking tools and saws. All very valuable and necessary sometimes, but not all the time. I wonder what it would be like to share those types of things with others in a community. Not only would it be cheaper, but less waste and consumerism would also be a positive result. I know that someone would have to be responsible to maintain things, etc. But at the same time, I had many roommates in college and we had a system like this and overall, it worked wonderfully.

Now I am not talking about sharing EVERYthing. I still need my private space. My home. And I am also blessed to know a couple of our neighbors and have a relationship with one of them where I do feel comfortable calling her to ask to borrow a ladder, a cup of flour, or for advice. But I wish I knew more of the people here. Most of them are still strangers to me, and after 7 years of living here, that is just sad.

You know what I really want? Stars Hollow meets Vancouver or Boulder. Small, friendly, cozy and sharing life together but also progressive, techy, diverse and environmentally friendly. *sigh* Anyone know of a place like this?

And Then There Were Two

So now I have TWO itsy bitsy spiders, both hanging from my monitor. Maybe I need to rethink my ‘live and let live’ policy. And move my computer desk to another part of the house.

Free Digital Scrapbook Template #20

Wow, I cannot believe two weeks has gone by since my last freebie! July has been a busy month for us. I am falling behind on my scrapping!

This new template can accommodate up to 7 photos.

Please click on the template preview to be taken my no-wait download page.
No Reimer Reason - Template 20 - Click to be taken to download page

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Lots of Tireds

I picked Adrianna up from childcare right after she awoke from her afternoon nap. Janette and I were praising her for the great nap she had just taken (she doesn’t always take a nap due to our later schedule than what the other kids are on). Adrianna agreed, and said, “Yeah, I was very having lots of tireds!”

Move It

One of the previews before Wall-E was for Madagascar 2. It must have stuck with Adrianna, because tonight I overheard her singing in the bathroom, “I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it.”

I think we are going to have to rent or buy Madagascar for her. 🙂

First Movie Theatre Movie

On Wednesday night, we took Adrianna to her first movie at a movie theatre. After hearing lots of positive things from friends about the movie and checking online reviews to make sure it wouldn’t be too intense or scary for her, we went to Wall-E.

Great movie. Cute. Good message. Entertaining. We all loved it.

Adrianna did get a little antsy towards the end, but she still did really good. She didn’t get scared, for which I was thankful. (She gets scared of this one Chip ‘N Dale cartoon with a dragon and a Mickey Mouse one with a giant and always asks me to turn them off, so this was a concern.)  She did ask a lot of questions throughout the movie. “Are those robots going to be friends, Mommy?” “Where’s Eva?”

At one point in the movie, Wall-E gets hurt. The theatre and the movie were dead silent for a moment. Just perfect for her little voice to pipe up for everybody to hear, “Is everyone sad, Mommy?”

All in all, it was a fun evening. We also ate dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. Adrianna always calls it “Rocket Bottom”. I guess that makes sense since the large beer hoppers do resemble rockets. Greg and I decided we aren’t going to correct her on the name, because Rocket Bottom is so much cuter.

Good Crackers and Bad Crackers

This is a conversation I overheard as Adrianna and I walked up the stairs. All voices were done by Adrianna.

Adrianna: Let’s bring the cracker upstairs and eat it.
Cracker, in a high, squeeky voice: NOOOO! Don’t eat me! I am a good cracker!
Adrianna: No, you are a bad cracker.

Grass Fans

Last weekend when we were driving up to Wyoming to visit my family, Adrianna saw a windmill out on the open prairie. She asked us, “Is that a fan in the grass?”

Spider Wipes

As I sit here, I am watching a little baby spider explore my monitor. He alternates between hanging on a web to just walking around. I don’t have the heart to do anything about him; he’s *almost* cute since he is so tiny. So there he hangs. I don’t know what it is about this corner in our loft where my computer sits, but I see baby spiders here often.

Adrianna would tell me that I need to “wipe the spider.” I think she gets this phrase from seeing Greg grab a wad of toilet paper and doing what appears to be wiping the wall when he in reality is squashing them and then removing them.

Oh, and now he is right about where my cursor is as I am typing this. As if he is reading this post. Run little spider, run!

Another Unwanted Phone Book

Will the unwanted phone book deliveries ever end? After THREE calls (today makes four) to QwestDex over the past year and a half, I am beginning to wonder. Each time they reassure me that yes, I have been added to the do-not-deliver list. And every few months I receive another book like clockwork. Can I turn them in for littering at this point? I am considering it, even if I do get laughed at by the littermaid or whoever you call for that sort of thing.

For those of you in the Colorado area, the phone number to “remove” yourself from the deliveries of unwanted QwestDex phone books is 800-422-8793. I don’t believe you will find this published on their phone book anywhere. I think it is worth calling even in spite of their not abiding by it.

At least this one weighed only a couple pounds compared to the normal 10 pounds. But still. I noticed that the books are still sitting on my neighbors’ porches untouched. I imagine that once they DO pick it up it will make a short trek straight to their garbage (or hopefully recycle) bins. That’s where mine landed.

Corporate Express, a Staples Company

Tomorrow we officially become a part of Staples.

I *may* have to give a presentation on the web applications my team develops. As early as next week. I am very nervous. I am thinking (and hoping!) that my director will do most of the talking, but I am not completely sure so I am preparing myself just in case.

I am still looking forward to see what the future holds for me job-wise, and maybe a little apprehensive too. But mostly excited.

‘Grate’ Expectations

Chloe intently guards the ventOver the past couple of weeks, Chloe has developed an obsession with the furnace vents on our main floor. She will stand attentively at a vent, particularly the ones in the kitchen and living room, and just sniff and stare at it, ears perked. I am not sure what has grabbed her attention, but it keeps her busy for long periods of time. Perhaps she smells or hears a mouse? We haven’t found any signs of mice being in the house though (thankfully).

Silly dog.

Free Digital Scrapbook Template and a new For-Sale Template

I have a new free digital scrapbook template for you.

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I also have a new template that I have added to my store for only $1.00. Checkout is securely processed through Paypal. Here is a preview; you can click on it to be brought to my page of for-sale items.
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Thank you all for your wonderful comments you leave me and for sending me links to your pages. They make me smile and I save each and every one. 🙂