First Movie Theatre Movie

On Wednesday night, we took Adrianna to her first movie at a movie theatre. After hearing lots of positive things from friends about the movie and checking online reviews to make sure it wouldn’t be too intense or scary for her, we went to Wall-E.

Great movie. Cute. Good message. Entertaining. We all loved it.

Adrianna did get a little antsy towards the end, but she still did really good. She didn’t get scared, for which I was thankful. (She gets scared of this one Chip ‘N Dale cartoon with a dragon and a Mickey Mouse one with a giant and always asks me to turn them off, so this was a concern.)  She did ask a lot of questions throughout the movie. “Are those robots going to be friends, Mommy?” “Where’s Eva?”

At one point in the movie, Wall-E gets hurt. The theatre and the movie were dead silent for a moment. Just perfect for her little voice to pipe up for everybody to hear, “Is everyone sad, Mommy?”

All in all, it was a fun evening. We also ate dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. Adrianna always calls it “Rocket Bottom”. I guess that makes sense since the large beer hoppers do resemble rockets. Greg and I decided we aren’t going to correct her on the name, because Rocket Bottom is so much cuter.

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