FREE Digital Scrapbook Template (#81)

I just uploaded a new digital scrapbook template FREEBIE for my No Reimer Reason Facebook fans. It is a two-page template and is available in both 12×12 and 8.5×11 versions. :) Visit No Reimer Reason on Facebook to download!

12×12 Version

Free Two-Page Template for 12x12 scrapbookers

Free Two-Page Template for 12×12 scrapbookers

8.5×11 Version

Free Two-Page Template for 8.5x11 scrapbookers

Free Two-Page Template for 8.5×11 scrapbookers

Happy Valentine’s Day!

DST Multi-Photo Challenge and a FREE Template

Update: Challenge is over as of January 18, 2014. If you are interested in either template, they can be found in my Etsy shop.

My Multi-Photo Challenge is up and ready to go for the DST Winter Get-Together. I am so excited!

For all the details regarding my specific challenge, the forum thread is here.

My challenge is pretty simple.

  1. Submit a NEW layout using at least THREE unique photos on a single page. Layouts should be posted at DST in the DST Winter Get Together GalleryNOTE: If you can not see the DST Winter Get Together Gallery in your drop down list when uploading to the DST gallery, just post your layout in Recent Digital Layouts and link it in the challenge thread post so I can find it. DST owners are aware of the problem and hopefully are working on the issue.
  2. Post a link to your layout in the challenge thread post.
  3. You have ONE WEEK to complete this challenge. I believe the deadline is 11:59p.m. EST next Saturday (1/18).

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for the DST challenges so you are eligible for all the prizes here. (Even if you only plan on completing 1 or 2 challenges, please sign up.)

And now to the freebie information. This challenge comes with a FREE template if you’d like motivation or need inspiration. NOTE: You do NOT have to use this template for this challenge. It is a free gift. 

Also, all participants in my Multi-Photo challenge this week will also receive an additional FREE template just for playing. :) Both templates are available in a 12×12 and an 8.5×11 version.

You can click on the images below to download the free templates. The links to the Participant bonus templates will be sent out to everyone who completes the challenge once the week is up.

12×12 version
No Reimer Reason - Free 12x12 Digital Scrapbook Template - Click for larger preview

8.5×11 version
No Reimer Reason - Free 8.5x11 Digital Scrapbook Template - Click for larger preview

FREE Participant Bonus Template – 12×12 version
No Reimer Reason - Free 12x12 Digital Scrapbook Template - Click for larger preview

Free Participant Bonus Template – 8.5×11 version
No Reimer Reason - Free 8.5x11 Digital Scrapbook Template - Click for larger preview

NOTE: The links to the free templates will be expiring after the January 2014 challenge is over, at which time they will be added to my Etsy shop.

The home base with the information for all the challenges and prizes is here.

I cannot wait to see your layouts!

Template Challenge – Coming in January

I’ve been asked to host a scrapbook challenge over at DigiShopTalk for their upcoming January Winter Get-Together so I’ve been busy creating a couple goodies for my part of the festivities. I can’t give away too many details yet, but I can tell you that it will include a couple of freebies for both 12×12 and 8.5×11 scrappers! :)

Here is a little sneak peek:

DigiShopTalk Sneak Peak

Trinket Busy Board

Kids always seem to want to play with the metal parts of things, like latches on doors and other things, so my husband had the idea to build something for our girls to fiddle with endlessly that didn’t have any sharp edges or small removable parts, but which wasn’t just another piece of primary colored plastic either.

Trinket Board

This is a board with a bunch of brass hardware screwed to it. There’s a fisheye lens peephole, a hinged door, six different latches, a knob, a handle, a door stop, a threaded rod with nuts and bolts that you can turn, and a few other odds and ends. You can unlatch and remove one whole end of it. The hardware was purchased at our local hardware store and attached to a piece of scrap wood that was nicely cut and stained.

Trinket Board

It doesn’t really do anything, but maybe it will excite the part of their brain that helps them think about mechanics and engineering.  I think it will also help with hand/eye coordination and fine motor skill development. :)

Two-Page Digital Scrapbook Template for 8.5×11 Scrappers (Template #76)

I converted one of my recent free 12×12 scrapbook templates into a template for all of you 8.5×11 scrappers out there. It can be found on my new Facebook Page in the “Free Downloads” tab. This two-page multi-photo template can accommodate up to 11 photos!

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Template

In case you haven’t seen it already, here is the original 12×12 layout that I used to create the template. The kit I used is Megan Turnidge‘s “Little Man”.

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Layout

Also, if you are in the market for more 8.5×11 templates (especially multi-photo templates), I just added one to my Etsy store as well. This one can accommodate up to 11 photos as well.

Sample Layout (in the 12×12 version):

Credits: Papers by Traci Reed, Tag by Paislee Press, Pumpkins by Ellie Lash

This template also works well for single page layouts too!

I hope to start adding more product soon (which may include bringing some of my old favorites out of retirement!)

New Release – Two Page Scrapbook Template #77

I am excited to start selling some of my designs over at Etsy. They are available as instant downloads so you can start using them right away. :)

I just wrapped up this new two-page (24×12) digital scrapbook template. It is one of my new favorites (of course, I think that about every new product I create!)

Sample Layout:

Credits: Papers by Traci Reed, Tag by Paislee Press, Pumpkins by Ellie Lash

This template also works well for single page layouts too!

I hope to start adding more product soon (which may include bringing some of my old favorites out of retirement!)

FREE Two-Page Digital Scrapbook Template #76

So I decided to create a Facebook Page for No Reimer Reason designs. My hope is that it will make it easier for me to connect with you and I’d like to share freebies and the occasional tutorial there too, whether they be ones that I have created or my favorite ones that I find from the many blogs I follow.

I do hope you will come on over and visit! As an extra incentive, I am giving away this new Two-Page Digital Scrapbooking template to all my followers on Facebook. Once you ‘like’ the page, it can be found in the “Free Downloads” tab. See you there!

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Template


Here is the layout that I used to create the template. The kit I used is Megan Turnidge‘s “Little Man”.

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Layout


Free Journal Cards – DST November 2013 Blog Train

I decided to take part in the DST November 2013 Blog Train as inspiration to get some scrapbooking done for myself and to make some more freebies for my blog. It worked – there’s nothing like having a goal with a deadline to get the motivation going!

I am deviating from my normal giveaway of templates to instead give away some journal cards. These 3×4 journal cards could easily be used in your Project Life layouts or any regular layout.

You can click on the image below to be brought to my page full of free digital scrapbooking downloads.
Free Journal Cards for Digital Scrapbooking
Hope you can put them to good use!

If you are following the blog train, your next stop is: Pixel Scrapper

The previous stop was: Brenda’s Scrap Design

If you want to take a look at the blog train in its entirety, it can be found here.

Free Digital Scrapbook Template #75

I have another FREE multi-photo template available for download – Yay! This one can accommodate up to 14 photos, if you go photo crazy like I do. Or some of the smaller photo spaces can easily be replaced with the papers and embellishments of your choice. The beauty of layered PSD templates is that you can modify and rearrange things to fit your needs! :)

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Template

You can click on the image above to be brought to my page full of Free digital scrapbook downloads.

I am taking part in the November DST Blog Train (full of coordinating freebies by many designers) so I will have another freebie coming up on November 1st. See you then!

Free Digital Scrapbook Template #74

Now that our new littlest addition is finally taking naps during the day and our homeschool is winding down for the summer, I’ve had a little time to do some scrapbooking. Yay! This has resulted in the creation of a new template as well. Finally. :)

Free Digital Scrapbook Template

You can click on the image above to be brought to my page of Free digital scrapbook downloads.

This template was created from this layout:

Free Digital Scrapbook Template

Hope your summer is going well.

Time 4 Learning Review

We recently had the opportunity to use the online program, Time4Learning. Our family embraces technology and online learning, so I was excited to see how it might fit into our homeschool day.

Time4Learning’s online curriculum includes science, social studies and language arts. I found the language arts for 2nd grade to be too easy for my daughter, so I changed her default grade level to be moved to 3rd grade. As a side note: all students have access to their default grade, as well as the grades directly below and above at all times.

My 7yo daughter really enjoyed her classes. The videos, games and characters made learning fun for her. She would often ask if she could “do school” with the program. How could I say no? :)

As a parent, I really appreciate that I have my own “dashboard” where I can not only control the types of lessons my daughter will use but also can see which lessons and quizzes she has completed and her scores. I also appreciate that she can use this program independently. With a new baby in the house and a busy 3yo, this is a big plus for our family.

My daughter was sad this morning when I told her our 30 day trial was over. We discussed it and decided to purchase a subscription. I plan on continuing to use it both as an incentive (since it makes learning FUN) and as a supplement / enhancement to our regular schooling.

As a member of Time4Learning, I have been given the opportunity to review their program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. For more information, check out their standards-based curriculum or learn how to write your own curriculum review.

Time4Learning Trial Subscription

I’ve been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning can be used as a homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment and for summer skill sharpening. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.

Journaling Sources for Older Events

I am so glad I looked into the whole Project Life Movement. I often get hung up on how I want my page layouts to look and this takes a lot of the stress and work out of that process for me, allowing me to get more memories captured! I also love being able to put several unrelated events together in a way that makes sense so that the memory is still captured when normally they may not make the cut to get a page of their very own.

Project Life

I am still scrapping my pages digitally. I am also not strictly keeping each two page spread as just one week’s worth of time covered. Some of them span two weeks’s time and I won’t hesitate to have them span three weeks’ time if necessary (due to a lack of photos, events, etc.)

The layouts I am posting today are strongly influenced by these beautiful pages by Maegan Birr.

Because many of the layouts I am putting together are from many months ago, I am using several different resources for my journaling.

Now that so many people update their statuses and upload their photos to Facebook as events are happening or shortly thereafter, it can be a helpful source for writing about your daily life and photos many months or years down the road. I simply browse to my timeline, scroll to the year/month and copy and paste my statuses in as journaling onto my scrapbook page.

Project Life

Personal Blog
I have a personal blog that I use for longer updates about my kids and family than what I put on Facebook. Even though I don’t update it as often as I do my Facebook status, it still contains many memories and more in-depth journaling for my pages.

Project Life

Personal Calendar
If my Facebook Timeline and Blog don’t contain a lot of information about a week that I am trying to scrapbook, often a peek at my personal calendar will help jog my memory or, at the very least, give me a glimpse of the events we participated in.

Project Life

All of the scrapbook pages on this post were created around 9 months after the actual events/weeks they represent, but using these three methods allowed me to still get adequate journaling about the people, events and memories I wanted to capture.

Project Life

What sources do you use for your journaling and/or to jog your memory about an event?

My 1st Project Life Layout

I have been eyeing layouts from the whole “Project Life” trend for a few months. I am really drawn to the clean layout style that most of them present, along with the ability to add multiple photos to a layout that aren’t from the same event. I have such a hodge podge of photos from different days/events that I don’t want to necessarily create individual pages for, so after pinning several layouts that inspire me to Pinterest, I decided to jump in and make a layout for myself.

Project Life, Weeks 1-2
Credits: Kit used is Amy Jaz Design’s “All Around Town,” Arrow from Jady Day Studio’s “Silly Silly Bo Billy” kit.

Page 1:

Project Life, Weeks 1-2

Page 2:

Project Life, Weeks 1-2

Honestly, these pages took me all afternoon to make. But that is partly my own fault since I decided to make my layouts from scratch rather than using one of the templates out there. And I tend to be pretty nit-picky about making things line up just right. But I am very pleased with the result. These have a lot more journaling than I originally thought I’d be able to include, thanks to my old Facebook status updates and blog posts. And even better – these are the first layouts I have scrapped in months! I hope the creativity continues.

I think I will do some more layouts like these in the future. As mentioned before, I love that I include so many pictures and pieces of our lives on one page that normally wouldn’t warrant their own scrapbook layout.

Have you tried your hand at making a Project Life layout? What do you think of this latest scrapbooking fad?

Homeschooling 2nd Grade

My 7yo daughter’s homeschool co-op started this past week. She was so eager for it to begin again that she was counting down the days.

Now that she is in 2nd grade, we could choose the elective classes she takes. Here are the subjects she and I chose together:

1st Period: General Science
2nd Period: Computer Skills
3rd Period: Electronics
4th Period: Art
6th Period: Nature Crafts
7th Period: Kitchen Classroom

Doesn’t that sound like a fun lineup?

Here is our 2nd grader on her first day of her homeschool co-op. :)

First Day of School

We just completed our third week of school work here at home. Here is a quick list of the subjects we are working on:

English: Bob Jones 2 (with a concentration on writing, proofreading, etc. this year)
Math: Abeka Arithmetic 2
History/Geography: Sonlight Core C
Reading: Sonlight with 3rd grade readers
Literature: Sonlight Core C
Spelling: All About Spelling and BJU Spelling
Handwriting: BJU Handwriting
Science: Sonlight
Health: Abeka

She also recently started taking a daytime gymnastics class. So far, she really enjoys it and is happily learning how to do cartwheels and is working on her balance on the balance beam.

One big change for us this year was the decision to stop going to a local Music Academy for her music lessons. Although my daughter and I both loved the program, it was difficult for us to make it to class on time every week. Since parent involvement was required and younger siblings could not attend the class, we had to rely on my husband to rush home from work (which wasn’t always an option for him) so we could leave our toddler at home with him and then leave to attend class. With another baby coming, I just didn’t think it would be a good fit for us this year. So, we are starting regular piano lessons instead. I have a friend who teaches piano and as an extra bonus, she comes to her students’ houses to teach. That sounds perfect! Lessons start next week.

So there is the rundown of what we will be working on in 2nd grade this year. Looking forward to another fun and busy year!