K-12 Graduation / School Years Scrapbook Layout Template

My oldest just graduated high school last May, so graduation has been on my mind. I created these scrapbook templates from a layout I made for her to celebrate her graduation. My 13yo enjoyed looking at her sister’s age progression so much that she is already asking me to create one for her, too! Though thankfully she is still a few years from graduation, as this momma’s heart is already all over the place with my oldest having accomplished this milestone already. Wasn’t she just a preschooler like last year? 🙂

This new 2-page template is perfect for compiling all the school photos, grade by grade, for your graduate. Your family and friends will enjoy seeing your graduate’s progression through their school years in a scrapbook, or a homeschool yearbook, or as a display for their graduation ceremony/party.

You can find these in my personal Digital Scrapbook Shop or in my Etsy shop.

There is a Photoshop Template version and a Canva Template version in my Digital Scrapbook Shop and my Etsy shop.

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