Catch Them Underwears

One of Adrianna’s favorite songs is “Teddy Bears’ Picnic.” There is a line in the song that goes, “Watch them, catch them unawares…” When Adrianna sings it though, it always brings a smile to my face because she sings it, “Watch them, catch them underwears.”

Anyways, get ready for an entire post about underwear. That is the exciting news at our house today. It all started with the following conversation:

Adrianna: Mommy, did you go poop in your diaper?
Me: No, I don’t wear diapers. I wear underwear.
Adrianna: Did you go pee in your diaper?
Me: No, I go pee in the potty so I wear panties, which are also called underwear. You wanna see Mommy’s underwear?
Adrianna: Yes!….Oh…
Me: If you start going poop and pee in the potty all the time, you can wear underwear too!
Adrianna: Oh!

Then she is quiet for a moment as she ponders the thrill of wearing underwear. She hops off her stool and runs into the bathroom, shouting back that she has to go potty. Once she goes, she excitedly announces that she is ready to wear underwear.

So, we put on a brand new pair. (This is our 2nd attempt. The 1st attempt a few weeks ago only lasted maybe 20 minutes.) She got to pick them out and was very excited, so I told her to run into the office to show Daddy her new panties. She then proceeded to ask if she could see “Daddy’s panties.”Greg made sure to explain that boys wear underwear, not panties.

When Adrianna wears diapers, I like to pat her diapered bottom and say “diaper butt!” (Because who doesn’t love patting a cute little diapered butt!) When we commented tonight that she didn’t have a diaper butt, Adrianna made the wise connection and shouted, “Underwear butt!”

She did really good and we even got brave and let her wear her new panties out to dinner tonight. We brought along a spare outfit just in case. She had a large glass of chocolate milk.

After we got home, I let her watch WonderPets and I don’t know if she just forgot, was distracted, or what, but she let loose with the now-processed chocolate milk. Oh well. It was a good start.

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