Petey:0, Garage Door: 2

Petey got caught under the garage door again. Darn cat. He will wait until the last possible moment and then try to dash in. He waits so long and crouches so close to the ground so the motion sensor doesn’t catch him. Last time it squeezed the pee right out of him. This time that didn’t happen, but he was stuck all the same. I started freaking out (why is it always me that notices it and has the freak out?) so Greg pushed the button to raise it back again.

We always check the door when we close it, ever since the first time Petey decided to get himself caught under the door. Between these two close calls and his close call with a car, we figure he has 6 lives left.

Update: I guess I should have mentioned that he seems to be okay other than having bruised hindquarters and a very bruised ego.

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3 Responses

  1. momma says:

    oh poor Petey.. How old is he now? he is such a nice cat…I am glad your letting him come inside into that kennel now….I know he likes that…

  2. Petey is around 9 or 10. He was given to Greg the summer before Greg and I started dating.

  3. Grammy says:

    Is Petey okay? Poor kitty! We are keeping Rosie for a few weeks and she has a limp. Our grandcats are having problems. 🙁

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