New Red Shoes

Adrianna's new red shoesOur childcare provider was at a nearby thrift store with Adrianna and the kids yesterday when Adrianna spotted a pair of little red shoes. She instantly fell in love with them and had her boots (bits) off and the red shoes on her feet within the blink of an eye. They are even her size! Janette couldn’t bear to take them away from her, so Adrianna now has a new (used) pair of red shoes.

These new red shoes make a wonderful clomp clomp sound on our kitchen floor. Last night Adrianna had them on and walked around and around our kitchen island. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Every child needs an object or house layout that allows them to walk around in continuous circles.

With Adrianna’s affinity for shoes (and she isn’t even TWO yet), it looks like she is going to want to have a closet full of them when she is a teenager. I think she already has as many pairs as I do.

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