A Girl of Many Words

Adrianna is getting more adept at putting words together now. Instead of pointing out body parts “buh-bow” (eyebrow) or various household objects and naming them, it is now “Daddy buh-bow” or “Rah-rah shoe” (Adrianna’s Shoe) or “Mayee eye” (Molly’s eye).

When she puts words together that have different vowel sounds I can see her little mind working and sometimes the words don’t come out quite as clearly when strung together even though I know she can say them very clearly if only using one word. Last night she said, “Nigh-Nigh Daddy.” She tried to say it more than once but sometimes it would come out as “Nigh-Nigh-Nigh” or “Nigh-Nigh-Digh” even though I know she can say “Nigh-Nigh” and “Daddy” very well. She did get it out pretty clearly a couple times. I guess it will just take practice as her tongue learns to form the different sounds over time.

And even as more and more words become clearer, it seems like she babbles more than ever before too. If you listen to her, it is very clear by her voice that she is actually “talking” and trying to convey information to us even if the words don’t make any sense yet. I think she is going to be like me; a bit shy at first but very talkative once she feels comfortable with someone.

I am also proud of how well she understands so much of what we say. Today I came home from work and saw that her hair was up in a ponytail. I said, “Pretty Hair” and she reached up and touched the ponytail and said, “Neh-ee.” Her childcare provider, Nette, had fixed her hair that way. I love that we can “converse” now. 🙂

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  1. jamie says:

    she sure is a talker. As shown on the video as well. so cute.

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