Our Indiana Trip (Part 1)

Our trip back to Indiana was bittersweet. Sad because we had to say our good-byes to our Grandma, but yet it was also a nice time as we had a good time with family, many of whom I hadn’t seen in 4 or more years, and in celebrating Grandma’s life and sharing fond memories of Grandma and Grandpa.

My brother, Brian, and my dad left last Thursday to drive straight through to Indiana. My sisters and I left on Friday morning to fly out. (My mom couldn’t make it due to the weather.)


Karen, Cindy, and I decided, since we were flying into Chicago, that it would be fun to find a pizza place and have some authentic deep dish pizza before heading on to Indiana. So we hopped into our rental car at O’Hare and just started driving. We drove past Navy Pier before heading downtown. After driving around for awhile, we very luckily stumbled across Gino’s East which just happens to be a fun place with great pizza.

Amber and Karen

Cindy, Karen, and Amber

Driving in downtown Chicago was interesting. The buildings are beautiful. But the drivers there are so rude! I have never heard so many honking cars (thankfully only one was at me) or been cut off so often. Downtown Denver is much better to drive in than Chicago. It was crazy. But I did enjoy driving our little red pontiac grand prix or grand am or whatever it was. It was a fun car.

The Bunkhouse

Our family has a good relationship with the owners of this hunt club near my Grandparents’ house. They often will let us stay in a cabin, lodge, or bunkhouse when we have family reunions. This time we were able to stay in their bunkhouse. It consisted of many bedrooms (each consisting of at least 2 twin beds and a private bath) surrounding a big open floorplan/living area on the first floor and balcony that ran the circumference of the building on the second floor. The balcony overlooked the open living area below. It was a lot of fun staying here with our extended family. Getting to see my cousins and their families really had me regretting my decision to leave Greg and Adrianna at home. Each evening would find us at the bunkhouse where there was lots of food, chatting, and laughter. I love my family.

Yergler Family

Yergler Family

Yergler Family

The Hunt Club

We had several meals at the Hunt Club as a family. I have memories of this place from when I was a little girl too. I remember that I would walk over there with my cousins Laura and Sara and buy orange soda pop that came in glass bottles. I also have old pictures of all us cousins eating there, back when we were goofy kids, during a reunion for Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Dinner at the Hunt Club

Dinner at the Hunt Club

Grandma’s House

We spent much time at Grandma’s house too. It was so strange to me to not see her there too. I had a bad head cold for the entirety of the weekend, due to my propensity to always be sick on trips. My nose was very stuffed up and I was extremely disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to smell Grandma’s house or Grandpa’s shed for possibly the last time. I know that might sound strange, but they have these distinct good smells that remind me of them whenever I happen to catch a whiff. Thankfully the very last day we were there I was able to get a whiff and it was so good. I love the smell of their house. It always brings back so many pleasant memories of my time there.
Amber, Stephanie, and Cindy

Yergler Family

Aunt Kay, Aunt Mare, and Uncle Ray

Well, it is getting late now so I will post more about our trip hopefully tomorrow. I also need to report soon about my new, handsome nephew too!!!

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