I had blogged awhile back about my fun afternoon at the DMV when I registed our new minivan. After I got home that day, I asked Greg if he would put the license plates on the van. When I went outside later that day, I noticed that there was only one plate installed on our van so that there was a plate on back but not on front. I asked Greg why he didn’t install a plate on the front, and he told me that there was only one plate in the bag we received from the DMV. I figured that perhaps they changed the law so that only a rear plate is required in Colorado. I remembered that there had been a lobby a few years back to make it required to only have one plate (even though it didn’t go through at that time) so it didn’t seem too far out of the ordinary. End of story, right?

A couple weeks later, the subject somehow came up when I was having dinner with my brother, Brian. He told me I had better look into the license plate thing so I didn’t get pulled over, since he had not heard of any changes to the license plate law.

Fast-forward another week or so. (I am a HUGE procrastinator!) I called the DMV and told them I had received only one plate when I registered and asked if the law had changed. They informed me that two plates were still mandatory and that sometimes a mistake is made where only one plate is handed out and that I just needed to take my one plate in and exchange it for two new ones.

Another afternoon at the DMV didn’t sound very enticing to me, especially spending it with an active 11 month old, so I procrastinated yet again for several weeks. Which brings us to today.

I picked Adrianna up from childcare at 3:00. She was in a great mood, and I wasn’t too tired from work, so I figured I had better make that blasted trip to the DMV. I asked Greg if he would kindly remove the one license plate from the van so I could turn it in. As he went outside to do so, I went upstairs to change Adrianna’s diaper and get her ready to go.

A couple minutes had passed when I heard Greg run upstairs calling my name and laughing.

License Plates - Yes, TWO of them!

Turns out my scatterbrained husband hadn’t noticed that there WERE two plates from the start. He had installed them both, one on top of the other (stuck together), on the back license plate frame of our van. Mystery solved. So, hooray, I didn’t have to go to the DMV after all.

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  2. Janis says:

    who am i aaaannntt, who am i aaaannntt!!!!!

  3. Jen Allen says:

    That sounds like something I would do!

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