Baby C’s

Almost every night as we are getting Adrianna ready for bed (aka night-nights), she will ask for “rock-rock” meaning she wants us to sit with her in our glider chair. She will then as for a gigglie (blanket) and we will spend some nice cuddle time together. Sometimes I think this is really just a stall tactic for her, which she is getting much better at these days. But it really is nice bonding time too.

When it is my turn to put her to bed, sometimes I will sing to her while we rock if she’ll let me. One of the songs she likes to request is the “Baby C’s” (ABC’s). Tonight her favorite song was My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. Each time the song would end, she would say, “Den!” (Again.) Soon she was singing along with me.

Bing back…to me.
Bing back. Bing back.
Bing back…to me.

And so it went. I was very impressed with how many words she sung along with me tonight. She enjoys singing and can often be found singing to herself. Mostly variants of the “Baby C’s,” E-I-E-I-O, or “Ocean.”

Another oft requested song is a variation I sing of Bingo.

Adrianna had a dog and Chloe was her name-o.
C-H-L-O-E. C-H-L-O-E. C-H-L-O-E.
And Chloe was her name-o.

But once I sing the Chloe song she then requests me to do it with Molly and sometimes Petey too. Good thing they all have five letter names or I might have to get creative.

I love singing with my girl. And not just to her, but now with her.

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