Temper Tantrums & Sloppy Kisses

Adrianna is getting to that age where temper tantrums are starting. It is quite frustrating, as I never know what to do. Should I pick her up so she knows she can trust and depend on me when she is upset? Or do I let her cry it out so she doesn’t learn how to manipulate me? *sigh* Being a parent is hard.

Along with temper tantrums, she is learning object permanence. Which is good as that is a normal part of development, but it also means that she now protests if we take an item of interest away. The things she finds most interesting are the things that Greg and I tend to use the most: the remote, cell phone, computer keyboard, mouse, etc. Although pretty much anything within reach is interesting to her.

We have learned that she is still easily distracted, so that we can take one item away if we replace it right away with another. To pique her interest, we will act like we think the new item is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Right away, she’ll want it. Another trick I have been employing lately is a bait and switch with a computer keyboard that isn’t hooked up to anything. I move my real keyboard out of her reach and put the fake one near her. This way, she can type on her keyboard while I type on mine. I just have to make sure to type on hers from time to time so she doesn’t lose interest.

Adrianna is also getting more loving. She clutches my arm when I hold her and lifts her little arms up when she wants to be picked up. Who can resist?

Greg and I do the stupidest things just to hear her laugh or make her smile. We’ll dance, twirl in circles, and flap our arms and legs around crazily in the air and we’ll make weird noises. It is funny how so many of your inhibitions disappear when trying to please a baby.

Adrianna also has been giving me kisses on my cheek. At least, I like to think that is what she is doing. It really consists of her mouth, open wide, being pressed up against my cheek, leaving much slobber in its wake. I love it.

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  1. jamie says:

    E does some temper tantrums too sometimes but I just ignore them. I dont want him to think that
    his behavior is something to merit attention. Maybe it isnt the right way to deal with it but he doesnt
    really go on for too long about it so it´s fine.

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