Crawling is creeping up

Adrianna is getting closer to crawling. Last night, for the first time, she had both her bottom and her chest up in the air at the same time. Once she accomplished this, we have seen it cropping up over and over both last night and today. One step closer to actually crawling. As she pushes her little body up in the air, she is propelled backwards along the floor. Just one more way for her to move around.

There are a few more things that she has been doing the past couple weeks. She now rotates her wrist around while holding something so she can see it from all angles.

She can pass an item from hand to hand effortlessly.

She is really good at reaching out and grasping things with her fingertips.

She loves holding two things at a time; one in each hand. If you put a third thing in front of her that she wants, she hasn’t yet figured out to drop one of the things she already has in her possession to pick up the third item.

She is always adding new sounds to her repertoire. She likes to play a little game with us where she will make a sound and then we will repeat it back to her. Or, if we start the sound, then she will repeat it back to us. So adorable.

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