It’s all about NOTHING

This weekend, we went to Shad and Lynette’s place down in Springs. And did NOTHING. It was great! Well, obviously we did something, but we really had no set plans. We played Uno Hearts, watched movies, hung out at a mall and at Babies ‘R Us. We meant to go to church, but I could not get Greg to wake up in time. In his defense, Adrianna had given us 2 nights in a row of very little sleep. This past week she has been waking up quite often in the middle of the night. I cannot wait until she gets back to sleeping through the night again. In fact, she is awake and crying now. I hate having to let her “cry it out” and learn to soothe herself bit.

Adrianna had a well-baby doctor visit today. She is 27.75 inches long and weighs 17 lb, 7 oz. The doctor charted her as being in the 90th percentile. So she is still a big girl. But everything checked out great. She had to get four shots again today. Poor baby. Thankfully Greg was with me and so he got to hold her down this time. I still couldn’t watch. What was even sadder is that she had fallen asleep between the time the doctor checked her and the time the nurses came in with the shots. So she had a VERY rude awakening.

I talked with our doctor about the whole SIDS thing, since that has been such a huge thing on my mind ever since I brought Adrianna home from the hospital. I told him how lately she has been rolling onto her stomach in her sleep. My heart stops whenever I go in and check on her to see her lying face down in her mattress while sleeping! The doctor said that the risk is higher for younger babies because they cannot roll over and get out of precarious positions. And that I cannot watch Adrianna all night to make sure she doesn’t roll over on her belly. Which is true; I tried this weekend because the little rascal kept rolling over to her belly no matter how many times I put her onto her back. Each time I put her onto her back prompted a new bout of crying. Which left Greg and I with very little sleep. So anyways, I am feeling a little better about things. I think the SIDS/suffocation worry will remain with me, but hopefully it will begin to decrease as time continues to march on. I will continue to put Adrianna to sleep on her back. And I think maybe I will be brave enough to go buy her some crib bumpers now. I am such a worrier. I think I inherited that from my mom. (Thanks Mom!) I also think it comes along with being a mom in general.

Oh, and in other news, both Molly and Chloe are in heat. Oh joy. I guess it is nice that both dogs will get it over with at the same time, but it is a pain having to do the whole diaper thing every time we let them outside.

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2 Responses

  1. momma says:

    Sorry about the inherited worry! But I think your a great Mom! 🙂

  2. Shads Dad says:

    We still worry about sids with our baby. Just remember “worry bad, Faith and dilligence good” We love you like family and pray for you often,
    especially Addy 😉

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