At the DMV

I spent about an hour at the DMV this afternoon renewing my driver’s license. It is nice that they expire on your birthday – it helps you remember the expiration date a little bit easier. Anyways, the place was packed. Adrianna and I sat down next to a sweet-looking elderly couple and another woman about my age. Adrianna, being her sweet little self, was smiling up at them and me and blowing bubbles. Which prompted them to comment on how sweet and how good she is. I, of course, could do nothing but agree. 🙂 Later on, their numbers were called, and so the seats next to me were filled with new people waiting their turn. Once again, more comments on my sweet, good-natured baby. Adrianna proceeded to blow bubbles and make raspberry noises, which prompted at least two different people to laugh and comment that “that’s exactly how I feel too!” I think Adrianna made the long wait a little more pleasant for those around us. I know she made it a lot more fun for me.

Finally my number was called, my eyes checked (perfect), and my picture taken. When giving my new information to the lady behind the counter, I was not pleased to realize that I have gained 15 pounds since I first got a Colorado driver’s license 5 years ago. ARGH.

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  1. Karen says:

    Yeah, I may have stretched the truth, just a little, when I went in for my new license…. :O

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