Light of my life

Last night we tried to get Adrianna to sleep in her crib again. We finally succeeded, after a lot of persistence and patience on our part. (And thanks to her paci!) She slept in the crib for a little over half the night. After that point, she started getting restless and making guttural noises which kept me awake. I finally gave in and moved her to the carseat so I could get at least a little sleep. Another contributing factor to my lack of sleep last night was the amount of diapers that needed changing. They were the kind that were preceeded by the fart/squirt noise. I have learned that it is best to NOT dawdle in changing her diapers when that noise occurs, or else I will often end up having to change an outfit too.

By the time I heard the all too familiar tell-tale signs that I would have to change yet a fourth diaper, I was pretty frustrated. Where was all this coming from? I sat up in bed and looked over at Adrianna. The sun was already up, lighting our room enough for me to see her sweet little face. As soon as she saw me, she lit up with this huge grin. Suddenly I didn’t mind having to get up to change her diaper. What a sweetheart.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Oh Amber, I love your descriptions of the joys of being a mom. It is worth all of the diapers and lack of sleep, isn’t it? I miss her (and you) so much! I’ve been enjoying the new pictures. Have a great weekend with your family at the wedding!

    Nice new look!

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