I was preparing food for tonight’s dinner. We keep our flour in a plastic container for convenience. The recipe called for a mixture of flour, salt, and pepper to be mixed up in a bowl to be later spread out on a pot roast. I scooped out the required amount of flour and put it into a bowl, awaiting the addition of the salt and pepper. Somehow I got distracted and left my post at the counter for a minute. When I returned, I scooped out the required amount of salt and pepper and added them to the flour and started to stir them all together. After thoroughly mixing the three ingredients, I realized that I had mixed the salt and pepper with the flour still in its plastic container, NOT the flour that had been measured out for the recipe in a bowl. 😯 What a dork. So I had to dump out all the remaining flour and add flour to our grocery list. Thankfully we didn’t have too much left anyways, but I still felt pretty sheepish.

Suggestion for next time: When cooking or baking, be sure to put away the flour container (or at least put it aside) before moving on to the next step in the recipe.

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  1. Karen the future Davis gal says:

    You can’t even blame it on the baby sucking energy from inside you this time!!! I guess she is still kinda taking it anyway though, huh. Oh well…I blame everything on my hair color, or on Zach 😉

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