Singing and Sweet, Slobbery Kisses

I like to keep Adrianna with us during the singing part of church before I take her down to the nursery. I know she likes music, and since everyone is singing, I don’t have to worry too much about keeping her quiet.

Today, I was singing along with the worship when I noticed Adrianna had put her ear near my mouth as if she was wanting to listen closely to me as I sang. After a little while of this, she moved her head so that her mouth was then near my ear. And then she held out a sustained, “Aaaaahhhhh” as if she were trying to sing too.

This is actually the second time I have noticed her doing something that sounded like she was trying to imitate me while I was singing. When I cook dinner, I like to play tunes and sing along. Adrianna is often in the kitchen with me, emptying out my tupperware cabinets or in her highchair (if she was naughtily playing with the dog food). On Thursday, she had done a sustained, “Aaaahhhh” as I was singing. At the time, I thought perhaps she was maybe copying me and trying to sing, but I wasn’t sure. Now, after today, I think that perhaps she was attempting to sing.

Another adorable thing Adrianna has started doing this past week is giving kisses. These kisses consist of her putting her face right next to mine with her mouth wide open, waiting for me to kiss her back. She will hold her mouth open for awhile as I kiss her, resulting in very slobbery but much appreciated kisses. I really love how affectionate she is. She is always hugging me, wanting me to hold her, laying her head on my shoulder to “give me love,” and now, giving me kisses.

Today in the church service, she leaned forward with her mouth wide open for a kiss as I was singing. Of course I obliged. It was slobbery and sweet and it warmed my heart.

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  1. momma says:

    I noticed Adrianna was sure interested when you were playing piano too. She is bound to be a very talented singer and musician!

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