Echocardiogram results

My echocardiogram results from my appointment yesterday were good and normal. 🙂 Hooray! I am still going to be wearing a heart monitor on Thursday for 24 hours as a final precaution, but I am glad that everything is turning out to be okay.

It was weird seeing my heart beating on the ultrasound. Kinda cool too. It made me excited to see the baby move on the ultrasound when we get to go in next month for that.

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7 Responses

  1. janis says:

    hi amba! I am soo glad! when i didnt hear from you last night i was kinda concerned you know how our minds think the worst so i was very happy to see your blog today! 🙂

  2. cindy poo says:

    good that everything is ok!! love u big sistah

  3. Karen says:

    “I’m glad of that” as Pollyana would say, but I am finding it difficult to find something to be glad about your never leaving comments on MY blog…I see them on mom’s……Oh well, I will just keep trying to play the game…

  4. janis says:

    i saw jill today at the vet and she said she is due may 6th. how did it go with the heart monitor on thursday? you can answer on my blog if you want 🙂

  5. janis says:

    hey amber, karen wondered where everyone is going to sleep on thanksgiving so==i have first pick for the bedroom!!!

  6. janis says:

    actually me karen and cindy in the bedroom, zach in the computer room, and dad likes the sofa so that will work.

  7. janis says:

    amba, i was reading back in your blog and you mentioned you have several blogs? blogs for different groups of people ? just curious.

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