Kerry’s Plan????

So can anyone tell me what Kerry’s plan is? He keeps talking about some “plan” but I am clueless as to what this could be? I also found it interesting that when Bush brought up a speculated cost for all Kerry’s “plans” that Kerry denied the figure outright, but he never did say what it would really cost? Or, how all these new plans would be funded, yet he plans on cutting taxes. Interesting.

Well, I admit that I have only watched portions of the debates so far. My mind has already been made up. And no, I am not voting for Bush just because he is a Republican and that is what I am registered as. I actually did do a comparison of all three candidates, and I have to say, I agree with Bush and his initiatives maybe 80-90% of the time. The one thing that I agree with Kerry on is the loss of jobs to overseas countries should stop. However, I heard a rumor that the Heinz company does some of the same with their jobs… So I guess I don’t trust Kerry, since he seems to say one thing and and his wife’s company does another. Then again, he also says one thing, and then says another depending on the political wind blowing at the time.

A good comparison of the three candidates can be found at Fox News-just click on the Eye on the Issues button. I think everyone should be informed about the issues.

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    cindy ken and i watched the debates tonight also. I dont understand why anyone would vote for kerry, dont know of anything positive he could do for our country. two things he said really made me mad, he is for partial birth abortion (what a barbaric horrific thing!) and he is for NOT notifying parents if a minor child is pregnant seeking an ab abortion. a girl cant get her ears pierced without parent permission but can have an abortion without parents permission. HOW INSANE IS THIS MAN? His moral are in the garbage dump. I dont trust the guy at all. I believe i will stick with bush.

  2. cindy poo says:

    i agree with you amber, ive watched both debates so far, and even made it in the UW paper voicing my opinion on it, this last debate i watched at dereks, and his dad and i always get into it about kerry and bush since we r voting differently, but yes mom the abortion thing got to me too, i started going off on how wrong that was then realized i wasnt at my own home so toned it down a bit. if out of 2 debates, i on my own could tell where kerry was saying something different than the last, well bashing myself but thats pretty sad, im not the brightest blond there is and im seeing it. later sista

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