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Free Digital Scrapbook Template #22

I have another free template for you. This one can hold 6 pictures. 🙂

No Reimer Reason - Template 22 - Click to be taken to download page


Free Digital Scrapbook Template #21

How about another free scrapbook template?

I was going to put this one straight into my little store, but then I figured that you all need a freebie since I have been neglecting this little ol’ blog due to the Funky Playground Designs apprenticeship program taking up most of my design time AND because it is my birthday tomorrow (the second anniversary of my 29th birthday).

So here you go. Happy Birthday to me!

Please click on the template preview to be taken my no-wait download page.
No Reimer Reason - Template 21 - Click to be taken to download page

New Blog

Hey everyone,

I have thought long and hard on it, and have decided to create a new blog in order that I may focus more closely on scrapbooking on one blog and our personal life on the other. This way, our family and friends can get straight to the posts that interest them, and all you freebie hunters can get straight to the goodies!

Sooo…all my scrapbooking related posts will remain at this existing address. Going forward, all my “personal life” posts can be found at

Thanks! 🙂
Amber Reimer

Free Embellishment Extractions

Our second assignment at Funky Playground Designs was to make an embellishment pack using real items that have been extracted. Even though I am not in the running anymore to win [insert sad face here] we get to remain part of the apprenticeship program as long as we complete the assignments on time. And considering that I was up against many “established” designers who have been at this a lot longer, I am trying to not get too discouraged.

Extractions are tough! I have only done them a couple times previous to this assignment and I can see why now. They are extremely tedious and time-consuming. And my wrist hurt from holding the mouse and fine-tuning the edges for so long.

Anyways, here is my embellishment kit. I didn’t really go with much of a theme other than extracting some of my favorite types of embellishments that I like personally to use on my layouts. And that most of the items start with the letter “B”.

The link to download can be found at Funky Playground Designs or by clicking on the preview below. You do have to be registered for their gallery to view/download, and we are only allowed to keep the download posted until 9:00 a.m. EST on Monday, August 11. (After the contest is over at the end of August, I can then put them into my freebie gallery and do whatever I want with it.)

Free Embellishment Kit

I am especially pleased with how the flowers and teddy turned out. I digitally enhanced the daisy and the teddy bear a little bit after the extraction too.

I would have liked to refine the vine and the toadstool a little more, but well, I ran out of time. Maybe I can do some more refining after the contest is all over.

Friends and family may recognize the teddy bear as none other than Adrianna’s own much-loved teddy. This picture was taken prior to all the loving, when he still had a nice color and a pretty ribbon. 🙂

I’m a Big Kid Now – Free Add-On Kit

Every time I think of the name of this kit, I hear the “Mommy, Wow! I’m a big kid now” jingle from those old commercials. LOL.

So here is the promised add-on to coordinate with the “I’m a Big Kid Now” Kit I posted on Thursday. You can click on the preview below to be brought to my freebie gallery to download.

No Reimer Reason - Kit 5 Add On - Click to be taken to download page

This free kit add-on contains:

  • 3 patterned papers
  • 2 solid papers
  • 2 bed elements
  • 1 potty element
  • 1 folded ribbon
  • 2 folded/stapled ribbons
  • 1 brad
  • 1 ric rac ribbon

Don’t forget to pick up the original kit!
No Reimer Reason - Big Kid Now - Click to be taken to download page