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Once upon a time, I blogged about homeschooling here. Then life got busy with little ones. Well, my littles aren’t *quite* so little anymore, so I’ve decided to pick it back up but I’ve moved it over to a new space, keeping the two niches (Digital Scrapbooking and Education / Homeschooling) separate going forward. My digital scrapbooking posts will remain here, like always.

If you have any interest in education, if you are a homeschooling family, or if you are a local family just looking for fun educational ideas to do with your kids around town, please give the new Facebook Page for Everyday Canvas a like and/or visit my new blog at It would be much appreciated!

Also, if you live locally (Denver area), I am working on a list of educational opportunities specific to that area, too. Local Free days, educational classes, homeschool days, or other things I come across. I’ve long been curating my own list of bookmarks and resources for my family so I thought it would be nice to have everything in one place and I enjoy sharing with others. It is a WIP, but I am excited about it. (The list of Denver Area Events has been started. Denver Area Resources will be coming soon!) I’d love to hear of any events I’ve missed or other things locally that you think would be nice to have a list all on one site. (The best local parks, hikes for kids, something else?)

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