Autumn Art

I often peruse through teaching and homeschooling blogs to find ideas to incorporate into our homeschool day. When I find something that I or Adrianna might like to do, I “pin” the idea to my Pinterest account. (Pinterest is a visual bookmarking system. I blogged more about Pinterest here.) One such craft that I recently pinned was an autumn tear-art picture.

At first, my little perfectionist was not too keen on actually tearing the paper to make her picture. So she cut the tree trunk and branches instead and I started ripping some leaves. After awhile, she loosened up and ripped some leaves too.

Autumn Art

Here is her finished picture. I love how she made it her own by making it into a tree-house for Mario and Princess Peach.

Autumn Art

I decided to use it as part of our autumn decor on our fireplace mantle.

Autumn Art

Do you use Pinterest? (Be warned: it can be addicting!)

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2 Responses

  1. Dell says:

    What a fabulous project! Thinking this would be a fun one to do this week here! (And I love the way you framed it to display! )

  1. 8/20/2013

    […] Create seasonal boards: Highlight ideas for winter, spring, summer, or fall, and go back to reference them when the time is right. […]

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