Oh, Nice!

Here are a few snippets of the conversation Adrianna and I had this afternoon on our way to go grocery shopping.

Me: Do you want to go grocery shopping?
Adrianna: Yea! (smiling and clapping hands)

Adrianna: Bus! Seedit?
Me: Yeah, I see the bus.
Adrianna: uh-muh-mon bus!
Me: Oh yes, another bus!
Adrianna: Uh-huh!

Adrianna: Mommy, what’s dat?
Me: That’s a car dealership. See all the flags?
Adrianna: Oh, nice!

Adrianna: Mommy, cots! Seedit?
Me: Yep, those are the grocery carts. We are going to go grocery shopping.
Adrianna: um-hmm. Go-see sah-een.

Adrianna: Mommy, what’s dat?
Me: That was a car horn.
Adrianna: Oh, nice!

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2 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    LOL how cute!

  2. Karen says:

    That is so cute! What a cute little neice I have! I hope I can see her soon sometime!

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